Shopify Sites

We are an Official Shopify Partner and can build a spectacular ecommerce site for you on their platform. Mobile Commerce Ready with a Secure Shopping Cart. Grow your business with Shopify! Visit Power WearHouse to see our most recent store in action.

SquareSpace sites

We are also Official SquareSpace web developers. SquareSpace is one of the few platforms that allows people to update their own website without coding. There are a lot of features and functionality built right in to a drag-n-drop interface. We can get you up and running fast.

Wordpress websites

Wordpress is one of the most popular web building tools in the world. And, it keeps getting easier and easier to use. If you need to get a website up and running quickly, contact us and we’ll help you build a professional site you can be proud of. This very website was built on it.


With over 30 years experience in the advertising and digital business, we live and breathe design. Over the course of our career, we have designed everything from business cards to National retail campaigns for one-person operations to multi-national corporations like Procter & Gamble and Anheuser-Busch.


Part of our Branding expertise has always included the ability to understand and communicate in each Brand’s unique voice. We have written some very memorable copy over the years, including the line “Be yourself, only better.” for Premier Fitness. It started out as a billboard headline and became their brand pillar.

Banner Ads

We have been creating banner ads since they were invented back in 1994. We’ve seen them evolve from tiny, pixelated GIFs, to fully-animated Flash experiences to beautifully animated HTML5 ads that work on virtually every device. We have created thousands of banner ads and are fully IAB and Google Ads compliant.


Design 2.0 was originally started as a fully digital design studio. But, there is still a big demand for print design out there and we got pulled back in. And then we remembered how much we loved doing print work and wondered why we ever stopped. Now, we do all of chatr mobile’s retail signage and are ready for more!

Social Media

Creating social media posts is one of our core services and quite possibly our favourite thing to do. It combines everything we’re good at… design, copywriting, animation, understanding Brand character, managing deadlines and staying organized. We live for social media engagements, so let’s start talking about yours.

Email Design & Coding

Email is a critical part of every Brand’s marketing strategy. We have been creating powerful email campaigns for our clients for many years. Our expertise spans design, writing and HTML coding of the emails. We run them through Litmus to maximize consistency as much as possible across platforms and email clients.

Application Expertise