About Design 2.0

We are a professional graphic design studio based in the Greater Toronto Area. Truth be told, we’re actually in Oakville and St. Catharines, which are the 2 towns that live up to the “Greater” part of the GTA.

We have over 30 years experience in the advertising, design and web business. And, to be clear, those are 30 consecutive years, not some attempt to add up all the years of experience of everyone we’ve ever worked with including the studio cats. That’s 30 years of working deep in the trenches at some of Canada’s biggest, best and weirdest agencies.

You can’t buy that kind of experience, but you can rent us.

What you need to know about D2 is that we are super easy to work with. We can work seamlessly with other agencies and we can work directly with clients. We provide professional, powerful creative work that is so clean, you can lick the source files. Oh, and we never, and I mean NEVER miss a deadline.

Our super power is our ability to understand a Brand’s personality and character quickly so we can produce professional artwork and content that is on brand, on time and on budget.

Our ‘unfair advantage’ over other design studios is that we have worked with many of the greatest Brands in the World, so this is second-nature to us.

Over the course of our career, we have done everything from TV and radio commercials to print ads, banner ads, web videos, websites, social media, email campaigns… it’s a long list. We’ve wrapped huge steam-punk machinery in airports and we’ve created tiny ads in retail flyers – almost small enough to be printed on a grain of rice. We have done it all.

Much of the work in our portfolio has been done in full cooperation with each client’s respective main advertising agency. In many cases, we were given a sample design and asked to turn it into a full campaign. Usually with more than 50 English and French pieces. And we do it Fast.

Another thing you should know about us… we love cats. We realize that there are currently 6 dogs, 2 aliens and 0 cats on our home page. At this point in time, our relationship status reads: It’s complicated.

Rick Brown

Rick has been a graphic designer for over 30 years. He started in traditional advertising with legendary ad agency, Vickers & Benson and has worked along side some of the greatest creative talent in the Country. After leaving the traditional agency world, he became a Creative Director and then Vice President of Creative at digital agencies in Toronto.

He has won numerous awards throughout his career including a “Viral Award” for creating Beer.com’s Virtual Bartender. The fully interactive experience had more than 50 million interactions in a single month — and that happened just before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came along!

Rick’s entrepreneurial nature allowed him to push boundaries in all of those agencies, which in turn helped them win huge accounts. He went out on his own in 2007 to start Design 2.0.

Top Skills:
Design / Art Direction
Video Editing

Cat’s name: Vegas (@oakville.kitten)

Chelsey Sneath

Chelsey is the person that keeps everything on track. She knows how to manage creative people and understands our clients’ needs. She is possibly the most organized person in the World.

Chelsey started her career in 2006 by being thrown into the deep-end of a chaotic agency that had a propensity to over-sell their abilities. Did I mention that the deep end was also on fire and she was surrounded by sharks? Few people could survive that, nevermind thrive in it. Somehow, she got everything on track. Chelsey is our secret weapon.

Top Skills:
Project Management
Managing Creative People
Time Management
Problem Solving
Quality Assurance

Cat’s names: Tillie, Sally, Penny, Ross, Nick, Nate.